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How sleep impacts leadership - Part 1: Better sleep enables leaders to plan long-term amid uncertainty

25 June 2023

This is part one of our series: “How sleep impacts leadership,” where we explore how sleep actively impacts the skills and qualities that make leaders more effective in six main ways.

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How Sleep Impacts Leadership - Part 1:

Better sleep enables leaders to plan long-term amid uncertainty

Today, leaders must navigate a lot of uncertainty.

Navigating these unstable times can be difficult, and it's easy to prioritize short-term solutions and find quick fixes for the most noticeable issues, even if it's not the highest priority.

But this is short-sighted.

To thrive amidst ever-changing times and come out on top, you need to be able to plan long-term.

Better sleep helps leaders achieve this by enabling more effective long-term thinking.

Let's explore why.

Effective leadership requires high levels of "executive functioning,"—which is cognitive processes like problem-solving, planning, organizing, and executing plans.

Research shows that executive functioning happens in the brain region known as the prefrontal cortex, and it influences all leadership behavior.

The prefrontal cortex can not function properly without adequate sleep, which is why sleep is so critical for executive functioning.

When you prioritize sleep, you prioritize the crucial brain functions that allow you to plan for and succeed during times of significant uncertainty.

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