How sleep impacts leadership - Part 2: Better sleep drives more rational decision-making

July 12, 2023


This is part two of our series: “How sleep impacts leadership,” where we explore how sleep actively impacts the skills and qualities that make leaders more effective in six main ways.

How Sleep Impacts Leadership - Part 2:

Better sleep drives more rational decision-making

As a leader, it's essential to stay calm and composed when making decisions, particularly in times of stress and uncertainty.

But when you're sleep deprived, this can be challenging.

Studies show that people become more impulsive when they are sleep deprived.

This is because sleep is necessary for emotional regulation.

Brain scans indicate that when sleep-deprived, areas of the brain that control impulsivity become more active, and areas of the brain that control rational decisions become less active.

This is why you might experience substantial shifts in emotions and difficulty making level-headed decisions when tired.

According to Dr. Maiken Nedergaard from the University of Rochester Medical Center, during sleep, metabolic waste is cleared out from between neurons in the brain - essentially washing the brain and paving the way for more rational, level-headed decision-making.

For the full list of how sleep impacts leadership, and how you can apply the findings to become a more effective leader, check out the full playbook here.

Coming soon: “Part 3: Better sleep enables leaders to navigate change.”

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