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Every part of employees’ wellbeing and performance starts with sleep.

At Chorus, our mission is to change the way we live and work. And that starts with high quality sleep.

Chorus is a sleep-focused employee benefit. It’s the only solution to combine everything you need for better sleep designed for enterprises.

How to decide if a sleep focused benefit is right for you

Exceptional Outcomes for HR teams


Improvement in time
to fall asleep


Improvement in
awakenings in the night


Improvement in
daytime functioning
Employees are 55% more collaborative and 15% more engaged at work when using Chorus
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Chorus Sleep

  • vector Is inclusive of all employees
  • vector Provides the foundational support for employee needs
  • vector Can easily measure impact

From the top executive to the summer intern, sleep benefits all employees, making it a highly inclusive employee benefit

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86%of people have trouble sleeping

Lady Sleeping
100%of employees sleep

Sleep is the foundation of health

Experts used to think that sleep was simply one of many "pillars" of health.However, experts now agree that sleep is the foundation people need first for brain and body processes to function correctly.
Health Pillars

Inclusive support for all team members

In a world where there’s a long list of ways employers can try to meet the needs of individual employees, it can be challenging to find ways to support the broadest set of employees and do so cost-effectively. Sleep stands out in its inclusivity across all team members.

The employee platform is the only solution that combines everything you need for better sleep into one simple place

A mobile app and coaching program that helps employees sleep better

Sleep TrackingSleep Tracking
CBT-I Content and Easy DiagnosticsCBT-I Content and Easy Diagnostics
Sleep CoachingSleep Coaching
Audio Tools for Sleep SupportAudio Tools for Sleep Support
CPAP and CPAP alternatives for Sleep ApneaCPAP and CPAP alternatives for Sleep Apnea

The employer dashboard provides a win-win for employees and employers

In addition to our employee app, we provide leaders with a measurement tool that allows them to collect objectives, anonymous data about the health and sentiment of their employee base.

People Dashboard
Better Support

Better data. Better support for your people

With sleep data, go beyond usage dashboards and actually understand if your employees are getting better.

Employees at top companies love Chorus Sleep

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What top leaders are saying

Emerald M.

“Chorus provided incredible support for our employees and gave us insight we never had before!”

Emerald M.

WCG Clinical Services

WCG Clinical Services

“A lot of our team members lead very busy lives, both inside and outside of work. For them," sleep support has been huge. It’s foundational to their health and because *our bodies all require sleep*, it’s something they can more easily fit into their lives.”

Cory R.

SVP of People & Total Rewards at The Aspen Group

Cory R.

"Sleep is fundamental to well-being, yet it’s often overlooked until problems arise. At TAG, we’re rethinking team member benefits to provide holistic support from the foundation up—not just for our team members, but for their families too. The Chorus Sleep partnership helps us meet our team members and their loved ones where they are, helping everyone achieve better health together."

Stephanie B.

Senior Benefits Operations Manager at The Aspen Group

Stephanie B.

What employees are saying

Emma R
It feels great to know my company cares about me and my sleep. I appreciate that [my employer] provides benefits like this

Emma R

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Need more convincing?
Check out the science!

Since COVID, studies now estimate 86% of adults struggle to sleep each week.

The cost of poor sleep

Post-COVID studies estimate a staggering 86% of adults have trouble sleeping each week. This hits your bottom line in healthcare costs, mental health challenges and productivity losses and absenteeism.1

The cost of poor sleep

Healthcare costs

Studies show that employees with sleep apnea and insomnia average $3,000 - $4,000 in annual medical spend due to their sleep challenges.4

Healthcare costs

Mental health

Research shows that employees who are sleep deprived are 2.5x more likely to suffer from poor mental health, which can cost employers over $15,000 per employee annually. Additionally, studies show that poor sleep causes depression.2

Mental health

Productivity losses and absenteeism

Studies estimate that productivity losses and absenteeism due to poor sleep cost an employer over $4,000 per employee annually, assuming an average salary of $100K.3

Productivity losses and absenteeism

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