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Is enhancing employee productivity and well-being a priority?

If so, a sleep-focused solution might be right for you.

Many companies invest in employee benefits because they can improve the engagement, effectiveness, and health of employees. 

But with so many options, choosing the right path is hard. Next, we walk through everything you need to know to decide if investing in a sleep-focused solution like Chorus is right for you.

Chorus at a glance

Chorus is a sleep-focused employee benefit.

For employees, we provide a mobile app and coaching program that helps improve sleep and reduce daytime stress.

For employers, we provide an insights tool that allows them to better understand employee health, sentiment, and effectiveness.

What to consider

Beyond price and roll-out complexity, there are a couple of things to consider to determine if Chorus is right for you:


The order of what problem to address when


The breadth of your employees it is relevant for


The ability to measure what’s working and what isn’t


The order of what problem to address when

Research shows that sleep is the foundation of health. That's why the Chorus founders started a company focused on sleep - because they recognized it as the essential first step in enhancing productivity and well-being. 

Like many, the founders experienced that it doesn't matter how much you meditate, go to therapy, or exercise. If you are sleeping poorly, you will continue to feel terrible.


The breadth of your employees it is relevant for

From the top executive to the summer intern, sleep benefits all employees, which makes it not only the most foundational benefit but also the most inclusive.

Post-COVID research estimates that 86% of adults have trouble sleeping each week - and because 100% of employees sleep, it’s something that can benefit everyone.

Lady Sleeping
86%of people have trouble sleeping

Lady Sleeping
100% of employees sleep


The ability to measure what's working and what isn't

Various approaches for enhancing wellbeing, from extra PTO to therapy or meditation, cater to the specific needs of some employees, and some, like PTO, have the added benefit of being free to the company. However, the downside is that it's challenging to measure what's working and what isn't. 

Even with usage dashboards provided by other platforms, it’s difficult to know if there is actual improvement. Contrast this with sleep data, which is objective and provides a clear measurement of impact.

Taking this together, if you want a benefit that:

  • vector Is foundational for all employee needs, especially productivity and well-being
  • vector Is inclusive of all employees
  • vector Provides objective measurement of what’s working and what isn’t

Then Chorus is right for you.


Existing PTO policies & managers

Therapy focused mental health platforms

Meditation apps

Foundational for productivity & wellbeing

Inclusive for all employees

Objective measurement of impact

While other vendors claim to support sleep as part of a broader offering - these solutions do not focus primarily on sleep, so their resources are limited and generic, leaving employees with subpar support and confused on what to use the platform for.

Of the solutions that do focus on sleep, none of them besides Chorus provided the ability for leaders to measure objectively, with data, what's working and what isn't.

Employee Impact

In our case study with Asana (NYSE: ASAN), we found that employees were 55% more collaborative and 15% more engaged at work when using Chorus.

Across all our partners, we’ve seen employees improve their sleep duration and quality by over 30% and their daytime functioning by 20%. 

All these findings are statistically significant and add to the vast body of evidence on the effects of sleep

More Collaborative
More Engaged
Emma R
It feels great to know my company cares about me and my sleep. I appreciate that [my employer] provides benefits like this

Emma R

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