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How sleep impacts leadership - Part 3: Better sleep enables leaders to navigate change

06 December 2023

This is part three of our series: “How sleep impacts leadership,” where we explore how sleep actively impacts the skills and qualities that make leaders more effective in six main ways.

How Sleep Impacts Leadership - Part 3:

Better sleep enables leaders to navigate change

Leadership requires situational awareness—knowing what’s happening in your environment and what your employees are experiencing.

Situational awareness is especially important during challenging times when employees may be hesitant to voice opinions or contrary viewpoints. As a leader, you need to be able to “read the room” and interpret non-verbal cues.

When sleep-deprived, you're more likely to overreact to events and express feelings in a negative way. You’re also more likely to come to a decision based on emotion rather than facts.

As a leader who relies on healthy negotiations, compromise, and effective discussion to build trust with your teams, this type of emotional decision-making can be problematic.

Better sleep allows you to retain more awareness of what's actually happening in your workplace, so you can have more appropriate and measured responses during challenging times.

For the full list of how sleep impacts leadership, and how you can apply the findings to become a more effective leader, check out the full playbook here.

And stay tuned for Part 4, where we explore how the best leaders build trust.

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