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Better sleep means better leaders: A research-backed playbook - Coming Soon from Asana and Chorus Sleep

23 March 2023

Author: Ali Abramovitz Cook

Chorus Sleep has partnered with Asana (NYSE: ASAN) to study the power of sleep on collaboration, engagement, and management effectiveness in the workplace.

The study included 34 Asana professionals and evaluated the impact to their work effectiveness from using Chorus Sleep. The study was 8-weeks and concluded on December 12th, 2022.

The results are extremely exciting and show people who use our program fall asleep faster, and that when using our program employees are more engaged and productive at work.

Analysis of the findings is currently in process with very promising early results.

Asana and Chorus Sleep will co-publish a research-backed playbook titled “Better sleep means better managers” including the findings and actionable ways you can implement Sleep Leadership at your organization.

Drop your email here to get the playbook and findings once live. Timing estimated February 2023.