Recent American Heart Association study showing how consistently you sleep is key for optimal health

March 6, 2023


It's been well-studied that sleep deprivation is linked to cardiovascular risk, but a recent study from the Journal of the American Heart Association showed that how consistent you keep your sleep schedule is an important factor in heart health (and not just how long you sleep on a given night).

The study found that sleeping an irregular number of hours and varying the time you went to sleep was linked to the development of fatty plaques, which narrow artery walls or form clots that block blood flow — a precursor to heart attack and stroke.

  • Sleeping an irregular number of hours was defined as a variance in total sleep duration of 2 hours over a full week (e.g., sleeping 6 hours one night and 8 hours another night that week)
  • Going to sleep at varying times was defined as a variance in sleep start time of 90 minutes over a full week (e.g., going to sleep at 9pm one night and 11:30pm another night that week)

At Chorus Sleep, we focus not just on helping folks get to sleep faster on a given night but helping them develop a more consistent sleep schedule over the long term.

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Read the study here.