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Every part of your employees’ wellbeing and performance starts with sleep.

Chorus serves two critical purposes. One, we improve employee sleep. Two, we allow HR leaders to better understand employee sentiment.

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The right employee benefit for right now

Gallup reports that employee stress and burnout are at all-time highs. This is despite massive investments in mental health solutions over the last few years. So why is that?

Because we’ve been focused on the wrong things. Mental health solutions won’t improve the situation when people aren’t sleeping - and 86% of US adults struggle to sleep weekly.

This means you must address sleep for your employees because it is the root cause issue for many of them, and it is the foundation of health.

Exceptional Outcomes for HR Teams


improvement in time to fall asleep


improvement in awakenings in the night


improvement in daytime functioning

Support your people, while proving ROI

We understand that, as HR leaders, you’re juggling a lot. Budgets are tightening, and you must prove ROI while supporting your employees.

In a world where you need to support your employees but need new and cost-effective ways to do it — Chorus Sleep’s got you covered.

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The Cost of Poor Sleep

Since COVID, studies now estimate 86% of adults struggle to sleep each week.

Health Care Costs

Studies have shown sleep programs can lower health care costs by over $1,700 per employee.

Health Care Costs

Mental Health

Folks who sleep less than 6 hours per night are 2.5x more likely to suffer from poor mental health, which can cost employers over $15,000 per employee per year.1

Mental Health

Productivity Loss & Absenteeism

For a company of 200 employees, poor sleep costs almost $1 million each year in productivity loss and absenteeism.2

Productivity Loss & Absenteeism

The only solution with all the tactics to help with sleep in one simple app

Sleep is a multifaceted process. Your solution should be too.

Our employee platform is evidence-based and improves sleep by over 30%.

Specifically, for your employees, we combine:

  • • Audio sessions that help you go to sleep quickly
  • • Short interactive content that teaches you healthy habits
  • • Sleep coaching to personalize your sleep journey, and
  • • Measurement so you can see what's working and what's not

Audio Sessions & Tools

Fall asleep fast with expert-led relaxation techniques + white noise machine.

Sleep Tracking

Track your sleep to measure progress. Sync with your choice of wearable or enter manually.

Interactive Content

Learn to improve your sleep with short, interactive, clinically-backed content.

Sleep Coaching

Get help from a real, human sleep coach for tailored guidance and support when you need it.

A win-win for employees and employers

In addition to providing a solution for employees, we provide HR leaders with a measurement tool that allows you to collect objective, anonymous data that measures the health and sentiment of your employee base.

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Why Chorus?

Whether you’re dealing with burnout or seeing your top performers leave, Chorus Sleep can help you support the foundation of great health, happiness and work of your employees.

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check Effective

Chorus is an evidence-based program informed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (“CBT-I”) and other well-studied practices. CBT-I has been clinically proven more effective than sleeping pills.

check Robust

The only solution with all the tactics to help with sleep in one simple app. We address all aspects of the sleep experience and provide the features you need to keep employees engaged. From sleep tracking and coaching, to white noise and relaxation, we’ve got the full offering that will improve your employees' sleep, no matter when they need it.

check Broadly-Applicable

Chorus is the only solution that’s relevant for 100% of your employees. Existing mental health solutions only reach folks most at-risk. Existing sleep solutions only support folks with very mild or very severe sleep challenges, and nothing in between.

check Affordable

Finally, a health benefit that keeps your bottom line top of mind. Chorus Sleep’s tech-first approach means you can support and retain your employees at a fraction of the cost of other benefits.

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Privacy Matters

Privacy is our top priority. All data is securely stored and no personal employee data is ever shared with anyone outside of Chorus.

Our Difference

Chorus is the first solution to bring everything you need for better sleep into a one-stop-shop.

Chorus Sleep

Sleep Tracking Apps

Meditation / Sleep Story Apps

Traditional CBT-I


Sleep tracking to measure progress


Relaxation + white noise to get you to sleep


CBT-I content to learn to improve your sleep


Sleep coaching to get tailored guidance


Mild to severe problem treatment to include all needs

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Chorus is intended for maintaining or encouraging a healthy lifestyle by promoting better sleep and providing techniques designed to improve sleep quality. Chorus is not intended to be used for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, prevention, or treatment of diseases or psychiatric conditions like Insomnia Disorder. If you think you may be suffering from, or have been diagnosed with, a serious disease or psychiatric condition, please consult with a medical professional.