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*80% of our users fall asleep just 15 minutes after pressing play.

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Seize the Day Starts The Night Before.

Looking to live the dream? Reclaim good sleep.

Unlock your superpowers with better sleep. Get laser-sharp focus, unflappable mental health, and peak physical performance each and every day.

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Be at Your Best with A Good Night’s Rest

Rapidly gain insight into what is hindering your sleep with our Sleep Log.

Calm racing thoughts and fall asleep quickly during our nightly Sleep Sessions.

Learn best practices that support restorative sleep through brief Sleep Lessons.

Troubleshoot your unique problems with expert Sleep Coaches.

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Sleep Coaches

A Mentor in Your Pocket.

Consult with our sleep experts to uncover what is blocking your sleep.

Our Sleep Coaches tailor programming to meet your unique needs, bust through barriers to sleep, and help you stay on track.

Sleep Sessions

Fall Asleep Fast.

80% of our users fall asleep within 15 minutes.

Tossing and turning intensifies frustration making sleep issues worse. Stop the worry brain in its tracks and get the rest you deserve with our relaxing Sleep Sessions.

Sleep Lessons

Time is on your side.

Learn how to transform your sleep in 2 minutes a day.

Our Sleep Lessons are accessible and engaging, designed with busy people in mind.

Sleep Data

Go Beyond Sleep Tracking.

You've got the numbers, but now it's time to improve them.

Uncover precisely what is getting in between you and a great night of sleep so that you can fix it.

Why it Matters for You.

Mental Wellbeing

Sleep is the foundation of positive well-being. It decreases anxiety, depression, and feelings of anger. Improving not only your mental state but how you relate to others too.1

Physical Health

Sleeping soundly improves cardiovascular health better than exercise, helps you learn complex movements, exert more energy, and is essential for healthy fertility.2

Achieve Your Best

During sleep, information moves from short-term to long-term memory, making way for new information. Without sleep, you can't learn new facts.

Increasing sleep from 6 hours to 8 hours improves cognitive performance by 400%.3,4

Chorus Replaces Legacy

Chorus Replaces Legacy, Stale Options with a Remarkable Solution

Instead of side-effect-ridden drugs, apps that simply track but don’t improve sleep, boring worksheets and programs, or fear-mongering about how lack of sleep causes terrible health effects…

Chorus is an all-natural solution that actually improves sleep, and is a delightful, easy to use mobile app, built for today’s needs.

We don’t just track your sleep, we improve it


80% of Chorus users experienced improved sleep

in internal studies
We are committed to clinical rigor and scientific efficacy

We are committed to clinical rigor and scientific efficacy

Chorus’ evidence-based approach resulted in over 80% of users experiencing improved sleep in internal studies, and is being further validated in a randomized clinical trial the gold standard in science, led by Harvard Psychology Researcher David Weissman, Ph.D.

Studies are an ongoing part of our business, as they are critical to our commitment to clinical rigor and scientific efficacy.

The Chorus product is reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board

Patricia A. Areán, Ph.D,

Patricia A. Areán, Ph.D,

Professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Washington, and former UCSF professor for 30 years
David Weissman, Ph.D,

David Weissman, Ph.D,

Mental health, neuroscience and psychology researcher at Harvard University
Eli Susman

Eli Susman

Sleep researcher at the University of California, Berkeley working with Dr. Harvey in the Golden Bear Sleep and Mood Research Clinic

People Are

A Great Night of Sleep Every Night

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