Clinical Trial on Chorus Sleep,

Led by Ph.D. Harvard Psychology Researcher

A Letter from Our CEO

While many apps help track your sleep, research finds they do not actually improve it.1 At Chorus, we’re changing that by building the next-generation sleep product - one that doesn’t just track sleep; it improves it.

Our evidence-based approach resulted in 81% of users experiencing improved sleep in internal studies, and is being further validated in this randomized clinical trial, the gold standard of establishing a program’s efficacy, led by Harvard Psychology Researcher David Weissman, Ph.D.

The Chorus product is reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board:

By joining this clinical trial, you are:

  • Improving your own sleep and supporting foundational research that could pave the way for a non-pharmaceutical sleep solution

  • Helping a small, female-founded business, build a great product, and help people just like you get the rest they need to unlock their full potential

If you are interested in joining our clinical trial, sign up below.
After signing up, we will send you all the information you need to get started.

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Ali and the Chorus Team

Ali Abramovitz Cook
Co-Founder & CEO
Chorus Sleep


  1. We are inviting you to be 1 of only 60 people to try our new iOS app and be a part of this foundational clinical trial

  2. If you are interested, please fill out this application

  3. Please only sign up if you can participate in a 6 week program with daily activities

  4. You will receive $60 to Amazon for participating

Know Someone Who’d Like to Participate?

  • Refer them here. We will not contact them without talking with you first

What's Chorus Sleep?

  • Chorus is an app that helps users sleep better by combining 15-minute relaxing audio sessions with short lessons and morning sleep logs. Our unique program will help you quiet your racing thoughts and get better rest.

What is the Chorus Sleep Clinical Trial?

  • Unlike other apps1 our aim is to not just track sleep, but improve it. This is why we are conducting a research study to understand the effects of the new Chorus Sleep iOS app

    • What does participation involve?

      • Daily activities that aim to improve sleep for 6 weeks (~15 to 20 minutes/day)

      • Three short surveys, including questions about your sleep and mental health (10-20 minutes/survey)

      • If invited, an optional post-study conversation with the Chorus team

    • How long will I be involved?

      • 6 weeks

    • How will I be compensated?

      • $60 Amazon gift card for completing the study

    • When does the study start?

      • The trial starts in early May and enrollment is done on a rolling basis

      • If you are selected, we will reach out with details and next steps

    • When do I need to sign up?

      • To join, you must sign up here. Spots are extremely limited and filling up quickly


    In earlier studies,

    81% of people experienced improved sleep

    from using Chorus Sleep

    Got questions? Need help?

    Email us at [email protected], and we will be happy to assist

    (1) A study at the University of Illinois found that most popular sleep apps do not support actual behavior change for improved sleep. Source: Diana S. Grigsby-Toussaint, Jong Cheol Shin, Dayanna M. Reeves, Ariana Beattie, Evan Auguste, Girardin Jean-Louis, Sleep apps and behavioral constructs: A content analysis, Preventive Medicine Reports, Volume 6, 2017, Pages 126-129, ISSN 2211-3355, (